Boss Key Early: Edit

After entering the boss key room (requires Zelda's Lullaby), by taking damage from a fire slug, the boss key chest can be opened during invincibility frames.

Boss Door Early: Edit

In the room above the goddess statue, use the Actor Glitch to unload the platform that lowers down into the goddess statue room. You can then megaflip to a part of the statue, and from there hookshot to within the head and to the boss door.

Boss Key Skip: Edit

Ledge clip and superslide: Edit

Ledge clip and hammer recoil: Edit

Hookshot jump and hammer recoil: Edit

Hookshot jump off of the chain, and hammer off of it to recoil to the boss room loadzone.

Hover at the boss door: Edit

If you get to the boss door (see Boss Door Early), you can hover and jumpslash into the door. This is used in low% runs with sideflip hovers.