Overview Edit

Glitchless is one of the longest standing speedrun categories for OoT. Many people have issues with calling it "glitchless" since many aspects of the game are still exploited. For example, Power Crouch Stabbing is allowed despite it obviously being a glitch simply because it would be silly and infeasble to ban it. This category is different from the Bug Limit category that uses the old ruleset of Glitchless before the split in August 2018. Overall, this is the strictest category in what the player is allowed to use to their advantage, and as such it is very long. For the full list of rules see the "show rules" button on this page.

Several items that many new runners might consider "unskippable" in glitchless are in fact skipped in the best route. These items are the slingshot, lens of truth, fire arrows, and the zora tunic. The following route explanations will be written from the perspective of someone who is DEFINITELY skipping the lens of truth, fire arrows, and zora tunic, since getting them costs far too much time. Thus before learning this category at least make sure you can cross the Haunted Wasteland without the Lens. For the other skippable items, asides will be written for how the route changes if you do or do not get those items. We highly recommend you learn skipping slingshot.

When there is a pause, the equips are listed next to it. Any with an asterisk * next to it are equipped during this pause. The first equipment scheme (in parentheses) is dannyb21892's World Record N64 controller scheme, /*TODO*/ the second equipment scheme [in brackets] is Makai's /*add controller type*/ controller scheme, and the third equipment scheme {in braces} is AceZephyr's GameCube controller scheme.

Category Ruleset Edit

It is necessary to define every allowed and banned technique for the ruleset to be completely unambiguous, from here , under the Glitchless tab, then under View Rules. (The default tab is Bug Limit which has a different ruleset)

Allowed Techniques Edit

  • Power Crouch Stabbing
  • Roll Invincibility
  • Using post-damage invincibility to avoid further damage, unless you skip a puzzle
  • Jumpslashing while mid-air for more distance
  • Shield-dropping held objects
  • Using broken deku stick
  • Hookshot Extension
  • Rolling from the blue switch in Jabu Jabu's Belly to open the door without holding down the switch
  • Damage Buffering
  • Damaging Volvagia's second hitbox with an explosion while it is underground
  • Passing through the back side of a one-sided collision (e.g. bridge clip, darunia's door, forest's falling ceiling)
  • Attacking to collect or hit an object on the other side of a collision
  • Twisted sidehops or backflips via siderolls or standing ESS shuffle
  • Backflipping over Mido in the Lost Woods as adult
  • Holding target to swim while sinking with iron boots

Banned Techniques Edit

  • Infinite Sword Glitch
  • Megaflipping / Megasidehopping
  • Extended Antigravity (e.g. unloading lower gerudo fortress)
  • Momentary Antigravity (e.g. b1 skip)
  • Ground Jump
  • Hoverboost
  • All forms of superslide
  • Hovering
  • Going Out of Bounds (any area which is beyond the boundary walls of the

map such as an outer seam, or any area which is exposed to the lowest void plane in the map.)

  • Entrance point glitch (or other respawn point manipulation)
  • Passing through collision from the front (i.e. clipping). Note that this

includes passing through the falling spikes in shadow temple since they have been shown to be solid)

  • Cutscene diving to sink into water
  • Flame storage
  • Item Manipulation (BA, RBA, GIM)
  • Using collection delay to your advantage (e.g. early eyeball frog or gold scale. Delay happens naturally in many shops if you buy quickly, this is ok)
  • Something except for a sword on B (excluding normal circumstances like riding Epona)
  • Bottle Duplication
  • Wrong Warp
  • Void Warp
  • Walking While Talking
  • Causing a switch to remain pressed longer than it should
  • Ocarina Items
  • Z-Slide
  • A-Slide
  • Using restricted items (such as farore's wind in the overworld or ocarina in boss rooms)
  • Being in an unloaded area
  • Unloading an actor which clearly should be loaded (e.g. actor glitch,

unloading KZ's ice, overloading the graveyard or trials to remove graves or Gold Gauntlet monoliths)

  • Dying to achieve anything other than a deathwarp
  • Shielding damage midair to take Link out of a backflip or sidehop and into a normal airborne state. A.K.A. "Recoil Jump"
  • Skipping text triggers via weapon swapping (e.g. owl skips and vine text skips in deku tree)
  • Opening underwater chests while wearing the Iron Boots
  • Damage boosting
  • Touching misplaced or accidentally exposed loading zones (e.g. Early Jabu or Trials Skip)
  • Skipping puzzles via damage invincibility
  • Opening flaming treasure chests
  • Skipping cutscenes by any means (e.g. voiding while the shadow bridge falls, exiting DC while exploding the wall, pulling ocarina to stop the tunic Goron from speaking)

Child 1 Edit

In this first section, we will be getting the three spiritual stones and all major child items aside from Dins Fire which will be obtained later in Child 2.

Kokiri Emerald Edit

The first order of business is to acquire the first spiritual stone from the Deku Tree.

Kokiri Forest Edit

Leave Link's house. Get the sword and use your preferred 40 rupee route to get enough money for a shield as well. Go to the Deku Tree, getting one deku stick from a withered baba on the way. You can sidehop jumpslash against the wall into the cutscene, which will propel Link forwards past where the cutscene normally begins. From there, backwalk into the Deku Tree.

Inside the Deku Tree Edit

Kill the right Deku Baba with a sword jumpslash as it lunges at you to manipulate it into dropping Deku Nuts. You can get more if you need but 5 is all that is necessary from here. Run at the vines, read Navi's text. Go right and climb the vines.

To make it to the top of these vines without getting knocked off, you must manipulate the skulltulas. Skulltulas will only turn purple and lunge towards Link if he is moving and if they are looking at him, so if you climb until a skulltula looks at Link and then stop climbing, it will not lunge at him and eventually continue to turn around. Use this to climb up to the top.

If you are not skipping slingshot
Run past the map chest to the door at the end of the ramp. It is possible to skip the navi door text by standing next to the door, sidehopping in front of it and opening it right away. Once in the room jump down and climb the far vines to the slinghshot chest. Use the crumbling platform as your means of exit as opposed to having to shoot the ladder down. Leave the room and return towards the map chest.

At the top of the vines, land on the bridge. You can do a jumpslash recoil off of the vines to break the web faster, or just deku nut a skulltula and jump off normally.

At the bottom, skip B1 by doing an incredibly precise jump as described in this video: <insert video>

Next, stab the deku baba that's farther back so it drops nuts. Light your deku stick, grab the nuts, and use the stick to burn the web like in this video: <insert video>

After falling below the web, kill the 2-3-1 Scrubs and enter the door to Queen Gohma.

Kill Gohma in one cycle by using the strats at the linked page. Pick up the heart container, step into the blue warp and settle in for a bunch of cutscene.

Goron Ruby Edit

In this section we will prepare to enter Dodongo's Cavern by getting the Hylian shield, Zelda's Lullaby, and the Goron Bracelet, and then acquire the second spiritual stone. After leaving the Deku tree, talk to Mido, jump over the water and backwalk to the Kokiri Forest exit. Acquire the Fairy Ocarina from the cutscene.

Hyrule Field Edit

Backwalk and then sidehop left to enter the owl's cutscene. Aim slightly left when exiting to the field, and aim between the sign and the tree to the right of it, and backwalk there. This should take you to Hyrule Castle.

When you're almost on the bridge, target the stone structure to the side of Kakariko Village on the inside, so the chains are on your left. Sidehop left until you reach the top of the chains, then hold down. When you jump, start holding down-right, and you should collect two red rupees when you land.

Here, you have a choice: Hylian Shield Early or Hylian Shield Late. Hylian Shield Early is about 8 seconds slower, but you have the Hylian Shield for Dodongo's Cavern, where annoying fire keese can burn your Deku Shield. Hylian Shield Late is faster, but you don't get this shield until after the Ocarina of Time.

For Hylian Shield Early, sidehop into the Castle Town loadzone and <gotta finish later>

When the owl flies away, take note of the two large trees flanking the mouth of the hallway leading to the rest of the field. Stand near the tip of the root of the left tree that portrudes most into the middle of the hallway mouth. Angle yourself up-leftish to face the small gap between the sign and the nearby small tree. With this position and angle, you can backwalk straight to the entrance of the castle. When you reach the drawbridge, target the inside of one of the stone blocks and sidehop up the chain. Upon reaching the top, turn and jump off at full speed. You should get two red rupees from this jump. Target mid-air so you don't get stunned by the incoming fall damage and sidehop into the castle loading zone the moment you touch the ground.

Now here is a choice. You only need 80 rupees for the shield, but later on, we will need 20 for the silver scale diving game. If you are fast, you can get an extra jump off of the chains to max out at 99 rupees, which saves time collecting rupees later. If you are unable to go that fast, one more normal jump for 40 rupees is acceptable. When you enter the castle, immediately leave again and get 40 rupees as you just did for a total of 80. If you are only getting 80, target mid-air and sidehop directly back into the castle. If you want the extra 20, target in midair and sidehop about 5 times away from the castle. You should be directly facing the opposing stone block near the base of the chain opposite the one you just jumped off. Run forward to the block (careful not to climb on it, you don't have much time) and sidehop up the next chain. Jump off for the final red rupee, and curve the jump inwards towards the castle. You should hit the loading zone before you land. It should still be day and you should have 99 rupees.

Hyrule Castle Edit

Enter the Bazaar and purchase the Hylian shield. Note that due to Collection Delay from the white "Bazaar" text still being on screen, you will be able to move a bit towards the exit from the counter between the purchase and receiving the shield. If you move too far, you will be outside collection range though, so youll need to run back in to get the shield. Leave the Bazaar and exit the north side of the Market towards Hyrule Castle.

NOTE: Later in this segment we will be waking Talon with the cucco given to us by Malon. This cucco hatches at dawn so you will lose time for every moment you are in an area (like the market) where time does not pass. Minimize the time spent in these areas and move quickly in areas where time does pass to ensure arrival before dawn. Any time after dawn when you have not woken Talon is also a time loss. You can do anything you want in between as long as you arrive before dawn. That's why getting the extra rupees outside on the chains saves time: since we'd need to wait the night cycle anyway, it is useful to cram it with as many necessary tasks as possible.

As soon as you enter the Castle Grounds, you will need to re-enter the Market and come back again to spawn Malon. We can enter the Market Loading Zone at zero speed to prevent Link from running far into the Market where time does not pass. So upon entering the Castle Grounds, backflip twice with a small moment between each. then draw your sword. This will put you into the loading zone with no speed. When you enter the Market, hold up to leave as fast as possible. When you re-enter the castle grounds, move forward to talk to the owl. When he flies away, roll into the tree to drop the Gold Skulltula. Take damage such that you have anywhere between 1.5 and 2.5 hearts (each hit takes a full heart). Then talk to Malon and get the egg. Climb the vines, and run on top of the stone gate. At night the guards' vision is more limited, so you can jump and cut the corner to the left of the guard standing above the gate. Jumpslash for a bit of extra distance if you feel you wont make the jump. Head over to the brick wall. Climb it and jump down and enter the moat. If you got all 99 rupees on the chains, you will have 19 at this point and the rupees in the moat will take you to 20, which is all you'll need for the rest of the run. Climb out of the moat at the corner and pull the first block as close to Talon as possible before dawn. If you were fast, you should be able to pull it all the way to Talon and still have a couple seconds before you need to wake him. Pause and equip sticks, the cucco and the ocarina. Target Talon and wake him exactly at dawn. Push the block so it is two pushes from falling off the edge. Climb the block, run off and jumpslash at the right time such that you barely make it to the crawlspace ledge. You can push the block to one push from the edge for more working frames on this jumpslash if you are having trouble. Enter the crawlspace to Hyrule Castle Courtyard and pass the Castle Guards as fast as you can without getting caught. Talk to Zelda to receive Zelda's Letter, then talk to Impa to learn Zelda's Lullaby.

Death Mountain and Goron City Edit

Impa's conversation brings you to Hyrule Field just outside the castle entrance. If you didn't make castle before night earlier and were unable to buy a shield, now is the time. You'll want it for Dodongo's Cavern. If you have it already as you should, then backwalk over the small bridge to Kakariko. Once in town backwalk towards the stairs on the left and climb to the top. Show the guard Zelda's Letter which will be equipped on the button to which you had assigned the Cucco. After he stops talking head to Death Mountain Trail.

Backwalk up the trail. When you reach the spot with the curled up Goron and the choice of whether to climb up towards the summit, turn around and backwalk such that you fall off the ledge up the slope from the big flagpole. When you fall you will land near the rolling Goron, but because you havent looked at him, you won't get hit as long as you roll along the inside wall. Enter Goron City. Jump off the wooden overhang all the way to the bottom and play Zelda's Lullaby on the carpet to open Darunia's door. Light your deku stick on the torch and light the unlit torches along the way until you can light one of the permanent torches near the Lost Woods warp. Note that deku sticks' burn timers are reset every time you light a new torch, so there is no need to put away and re-light as long as you got to a torch recently. From the permanent torch, use your burning stick to blow up the bomb flowers and the boulders and head to the Lost Woods. Try not to have less than 1.5 hearts upon entering the woods so avoid the explosion as needed.

Lost Woods and Sacred Forest Meadow Edit

Talk to the owl in your way (he is skippable with alternating sword and stick) and head left, left, straight, left and right to get to the Sacred Forest Meadow. Roll towards the top left corner of the entrance clearing to spawn the Wolfos. Wait until he turns around after trying to slash you, then jumpslash his backside with your sword for a one-hit kill. Make your way through the maze, manipulating the scrubs' shots such that by the time you reach Saria you have one half of one heart. It is easiest and fastest to do this if you have between 1.5 and 2.5 hearts to start, hence the warnings earler. The reason we want critical health is because once you finish learning Saria's Song, backwalk down the long stairs towards the first deku scrub and take the one remaining hit to die on purpose. Save (or don't) and continue to end up at the beginning of the maze faster than if you had walked there yourself. Leave the meadow and pass this owl (also skippable). Run left, right, straight, right, right to arrive back in Goron City.

Go play Saria's Song for Darunia to get the Goron Bracelet, then quickly make your way to the top exit of Goron City to Death Mountain Trail. Head right on the trail to the fenced-in bomb flower. Pick it up and throw it down to blow up the Dodongo's Cavern entrance. If you are fast, you can turn and backflip down there yourself just after throwing, and just before the cutscene starts, which saves some time on entering the cavern once the rocks are blown up.

Dodongo's Cavern Edit

In the first room, grab the left bomb flower and then face the exit to death mountain trail. Target the angled wall to the right of the exit and backwalk until you hit the bombable wall. Just before the bomb explodes, shield drop it and backflip. This starts you with some distance into the room after the cutscene ends. You also have a perfect angle to continue to backwalk. You will hit a navi text trigger. Don't try to skip it since you will definitely hit it at some point and it's better now than later. Continue backwalking through the lava after the navi text and climb the ladder in the back corner of the room when you get to it. Pick up the bomb flower near the beamos and run past the beamos to the bombable wall. Drop the bomb on the nearest edge of the wall to the beamos, target the wall, sidehop right and turn around preparing to backwalk past the wall once it explodes. If you have time here, pull out a stick and slash it at nothing to store 2 damage to your power crouch stab for an upcoming fight. Backwalk through the room and backflip up the ledge. Continue to backwalk a bit until the armos statue. Pull it out towards the switch three times, then push it onto the switch. Climb the ledge and enter the door.

After the small antechamber you will enter the first Lizalfos fight room. Use the strats described on the linked page to kill them quickly. Note if you slashed with the deku stick earlier while waiting for the bomb to explode, you will not have to jumpslash with the kokiri sword to start the fight.

In the next room roll to the lit torch and light a deku stick. Light the three torches in the rest of the room, being careful to not get your shield burned by the dodongos. Leave through the now unlocked door. Step on the switch to unlock the far door across the main chamber. Move quickly across the moving platforms to make the fastest cycle and get to the unlocked door. Open all the way on the right side of the door. When you get inside turn right and target the wall. Sidehop left 11 times and you should be directly in front of the second to last bomb flower in the row around the stone tower. Pick up this one (the last one also works, but not the third or before) and drop it in the empty space in the center. While the bombs are exploding and before the cutscene begins, stand just below the center of the stone tower and face away. When the cutscene is over backflip up the steps 6 times and turn downright. Jump up to the landing with the pots. There is a heart and 20 rupees here. Get the heart if you are very low. If you did not pick up the extra red rupee from the chains outside Hyrule Castle you must get this one from the pot for the silver scale diving game. Otherwise you should already have 20 and you don't need it.

Make your way to the top door. Position yourself to enter the door all the way on the right side. Equip Deku Nuts over either your ocarina or Zelda's letter. Equip the Hylian Shield as well if you are scared of burning your shield on the fire keese. There are several strats to do this next room quickly with varying speeds and difficulties. But most involve using at least one deku nut to stun the keese for a few seconds of safe movement. Watch various runners and figure out your favorite strat to get to the switch quickly. Exit the door as close to the center as you can.

After the door, target to face forward and turn to backwalk. After a bit of time on the bridge, turn to roll and jump across the gap. If you still have deku shield equipped, this is a good place to use a deku nut to stun the second fire keese, since he usually misbehaves. In the next room jump down to the left side of the hallway before the spike trap. There is navi text here that is skippable by backflipping over it. Climb the block beneath the ladder and jump to the bomb flower platform. Most people just throw the bomb so that it explodes right when it reaches the wall. A better strat is to pick up the bomb, target the openable side of the small chest, turn around and target, backwalk such that you are fully against the chest, then sidewalk to the left and press A to throw the bomb a bit before you would otherwise fall off the left edge of the platform. If done correctly, the bomb should land on the tiny ledge. If you did it fast enough, you can jump to the ledge before the bomb explodes, saving some time.

If you have the slingshot, the next room is super simple. Just do it the intended way. If you do not have the slingshot, read the following boxed strat. Skip beyond the box if you have slongshot.

Dodongo's Cavern First Slingshot Skip
After the bombable wall explodes, target the left wall of the upcoming hallway. Slash your sword to recoil off the wall a bit. Sidehop right towards the ledge and hang off of it without changing the front-to-back positioning you got from recoiling off the wall. Note that if you have the shield out and in your hand (as opposed to on your back) climbing back up the ledge goes significantly slower. Put it away quickly by pulling out a deku stick just before grabbing the ledge. Climb back up the ledge and while Link is doing so, press target. The camera should face the ring of fire. Once Link finishes climbing, hold up and you should do a mini hop and grab the ledge of the fire platform. Climb that and you will be standing on a small safe zone on the corner. Go into first-person view with C-up and look left such that the left edge of the fire ring lines up with the right edge of your C-right button on the HUD. This is not super precise, so experiment with boundaries so you dont spend a million years lining this up every time. Exit first person mode, press forward and roll at once, and curve the jump hard right mid-air. You should grab the ledge of the exit platform.

As a faster (but riskier) strat to replace manual aiming on the jump around the fire you can do the following. Make sure to be holding a deku stick. When you first stand on the corner of the fire platform, look with C-up (yes, still C-up, bear with me). Hold left to look left quickly. When the deku stick in your view passes in front of the upside down light colored triangle spike thing hanging from the ceiling on the wall, press target to cancel C-up mode as you should have a working angle with this cue. Quickly roll forward and curve the jump hard right mid-air to grab the exit ledge.

Backwalk the hallway past the mini dodongos and enter the door to the second Lizalfos fight. Fight them using the strats described on the Lizalfos page. Note that if you have Hylian shield equipped, you must remove it at this point so you can use power crouch stabs on the Lizalfos. Exit the door on the left edge. This is the second slingshot room. If you have slingshot, youre on easy mode. Skip beyond the boxed text. If you skipped slingshot, read the following.

Dodongo's Cavern Second Slingshot Skip
Target the left wall and slash your sword for the recoil distance, as in the first slingshot skip room. Sidehop towards the ledge and pull a stick to put away shield so climbing is faster. Hang off the ledge and climb it, but this time DON'T target. Hold right while Link is climbing so he jumps towards the fire as soon as he stands. You will still be in a safe position on the corner, but this setup gives a favorable camera for the next jump. Jump forward and curve the jump hard left to grab the left edge of the small eyeball switch alcove in the wall. When Link climbs up, target and turn around to face the room straight on. Sidehop left so you're against the left wall. Jump forwards towards the ring of fire, and about halfway through the jump, start curving the jump left. You should grab the back corner of the first fire platform. Climb up, wait a moment for Link's climbing animation to fully settle, and sidehop left. While in the air hold right. Link will touch down on the corner of the second fire platform and immediately sidewalk right to hang off the edge. Note that if you get burned upon touching down on the sidehop, you were too far right on the first fire platform where you sidehopped from. This means you curved your jump from the eyeball switch alcove too far. Practice to get it just right.

Climb up on the second fire platform and target to face forward towards the exit. The means of exit is the same as the first slingshot skip room. Either line up manually with c-up, or do the target-cancelled left look using the cue of the deku stick and the grey spike on the wall. When you jump off, curve hard right to grab the edge.

Run through the dark hallway, jump across the platform and collect bombs from the chest. Equip bombs over the ocarina or Zelda's Letter (whichever of the two remains on your c buttons) and definitely equip Hylian shield if you haven't already, as catching fire in the coming rooms will be almost a sure thing. Jump through and continue through the next dark hallway, being careful to not trigger the floor switch as it loses a bunch of time via an unnecessary cutscene. Drop bombs into the eyes of the skull to open the mouth. Jump down and enter the door in the skull on the right edge. Once through target the right wall and sidehop left 5 times off the ledge into the main room. Roll up-left and climb the edge out to the next room. Snake around the walls of the maze-like room. Use nuts on the keese if they are in your way. When you get to the pushable blocks, don't push them but climb them up onto the top of the wall. Run over the wall to exit the room. Note that one of the two pots near where you jump down has a fairy. If you have very low health, consider using it. If you have medium health and want to be safe, proceed into the dark hallway and collect the single heart from one of the two pots when the hallway curves left. This is better as fairies tend to troll you if you try to collect them without a bottle. If you get this heart, you might as well also collect the bombs in the adjacent pot for a full 20. Push the block off the edge, then pull it towards the center of the room. If the Keese attack you and your health is not critical, take the hits and keep pushing. If you can not afford to lose more, you can stop pushing and turtle under the Hylian shield. When the block falls to the switch, you can usually sidehop a couple times to the door before the cutscene starts. Go through the door. Pull a bomb and drop it on the bombable floor. While waiting for it to explode, store 4 damage to your power crouch stab with a deku stick jumpslash, and equip the deku shield. Fall through the open floor.

King Dodongo is very easy. Throw a bomb in his mouth, then power crouch stab his head for 4 damage when he is stunned. Avoid the rolling attack by standing either in an outer corner of the room, or on the inner edge just next to the lava. A bit after he makes the turn with his roll, grab the bomb flower from the corner he passed run towards him and throw it in his mouth. Power crouch stab one more time to kill him. Note that one of your own bombs works just fine for the second throw, but since the flower causes no time loss, it's better to save the bomb for later. Pick up the heart container and enter the blue warp.

Zora's Sapphire Edit

In this section we will prepare to enter Jabu Jabu's belly by acquiring the Silver Scale and our first and only bottle, and then we will get the third and final Spiritual Stone. After the Goron cutscene, jump off the right edge to the lower trail. Exit to Kakariko, and then to Hyrule Field. When you appear on the steps outside Kakariko, turn right, sidehop left down the stairs three times, then backwalk. You should be able to continue the backwalk with this angle straight to Zora's River.

Zora's River and Domain Edit

Upon entering, roll along the left wall about 4 times, then pull out a bomb and throw it at the leftmost boulders just before entering the owl conversation trigger. If done correctly, the bomb will blow up the boulders during the cutscene of the owl flying away. Pass the boulders and pick up the cucco. Carry the cucco all the way upriver to the waterfall. Backwalk as much as possible to save time on this slow movement. Be careful not to land or throw the cucco in water or it will immediately fly away. When you get to the waterfall, wall along the top platform all the way to the left of the waterfall. Jump off with the cucco and stay pressed against the wall while you pass the waterfall. You should glide with the cucco behind the waterfall, skipping the need for playing Zelda's Lullaby. Note that you can definitely play Zelda's Lullaby instead of carrying the cucco all the way, but it is slower. Enter Zora's Domain behind the waterfall.

Follow the top level path up to the throne room and go talk to the diving game host on top of the waterfall. Hope for good RNG here so you get a favorable rupee pattern for few dives. It should always be possible to get at least one rupee off the dive from the waterfall, but it's tricky. Gather all 5 blue rupees then climb out of the water on the platform just above the Lake Hylia warp. Before the stairs to the throne room are two pots with sticks and nuts. Definitely get nuts, but you only need to get the stick if you have fewer than 2. Return to the diving game guy for the silver scale, the dive off the waterfall. Dive down to warp to Lake Hylia.

When you zone into the lake, swim straight forward (mash B to swim faster). Dive down to get Ruto's Letter in a Bottle. Immediately return to Zora's Domain via the warp. Head to the throne room and on the way pick up more deku nuts from the pot, and the stick if you still don't yet have 2. Equip the bottle over your deku sticks. Show King Zora the letter in a bottle.

Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep. Mweep.

Face away from King Zora and look down the long staircase. Target the right wall and sidehop about 5 times down the staircase. Continue targeting, move forward past the wall once you are off the stairs, and sidehop left down to the shallow water below. Backwalk a bit to be right where the school of fish is. Catch one and climb back to the throne room. Follow the right path atop the throne and exit to Zora's Fountain. Roll upright towards the stone altar in front of Jabu Jabu and release the fish. The cutscene takes you inside Jabu.

Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly Edit

If you have the slingshot, shoot the ceiling switch in the first room to open the door. If you skipped the slingshot, then hold a bomb until it will soon explode, then throw it so that it explodes mid-air next to the switch. From the beginning of the room, you can backwalk, pull a bomb early such that by the time you reach the switch, it's time to throw the bomb.

In the next room you can either jump across the elevator platform (it will always be at the top here) or roll around the left side of the pit. Counter-intuitively, good movement makes rolling around the side faster by a small margin (<1 second) but do whatever you feel comfortable with. Go straight to the next door. Talk to Ruto and then fall down the hole to and talk to her twice more (ugh). Pick her up and exit through the door right near where you spoke with her. Avoid the stupid bubbles and jump down to the shallow water. Run a bit past the switch, throw ruto out of the pit on the far side, then backflip onto the switch to raise the water. Take Ruto into the hallway with more stupid, stupid bubbles and then throw her at the ceiling switch to unlock the door. Pick up Ruto again and leave while once more avoiding the stupid, stupid, stupid bubbles. Kill the octorok, then jumpslash with sword at nothing to store damage for power crouch stab. Ride the elevator up with Ruto, and carry her back to the room with the holes in the floor. Exit the far door to the three-pronged hallway. Carry Ruto down the right flank and step on the yellow switch with her. Enter the door. Drop Ruto and roll to the middle of the room. Throw a Deku Nut to raise the stingers from the ground, and another to stun them. Stab each one once to kill them quickly and get the boomerang from the chest. An alternate strat is to throw bombs at a couple of the stingers while you stun and kill the other two. This saves time, but at the cost of bombs.

Leave the room and pick up Ruto. Cross over to the left wing of the hallway. Throw Ruto on the blue switch and equip deku sticks and boomerang over the bottle and the bombs before entering the unlocked door. When entering the room, target the tentacle and move forward until it notices you (but not further). When it does, throw the boomerang. Try not to move side to side while targeting as you want to be near the exit (and also know where the exit is). Keep throwing the boomerang until you hit it 3 times total. On the fourth, don't throw until the tentacle is fully extended down from the ceiling. Throw and immediately backflip towards the door. Keep holding down, fit in a roll if you can and exit the door as fast as possible. If done correctly the tentacle will die by the last boomerang shot, but you will leave before the chest spawning cutscene occurs, saving time. Get Ruto again and bring her back to the right wing hallway. Enter the other door besides the one behind the yellow switch. Drop Ruto and kill the tentacle with boomerang. After it's dead you can try to pick up Ruto before the door-unlock cutscene to save a second. Bring Ruto down the center hallway and enter the door to go to the room with the 4 biri (jellyfish) and the tentacle.

East strats for this room are to simply boomerang all 4 biri before taking care of the tentacle. The fast strats go as follows: move forward a bit and double tap target to switch to targeting the tentacle. You should be able to throw the boomerang at it twice before the first two biri close in on you. During the second throw, strafe to the right side of the room on the inside of the biri. Throw a third time. During the throw, strafe to the back of the room. Throw the fourth time. If you moved correctly, the biri should be fairly bunched up in front of you. Stun them with a deku nut and kill them all with crouch stabs.

In between the final enemy in the room dying and the door unlock cutscene, pull out a deku stick and jumpslash at nothing to store 4 damage to your power crouch stab. Take ruto back to the room with the holes in the floor and fall through the one where the green tentacle used to be. Backwalk to the door to the BigOcto room. After all the cutscenes, kill Bigocto using the fastest strat as described on the linked page. Ride the elevator up and exit the door. Stun the wiggly things with the boomerang while avoiding the octorok shots and make your way to the next door. In this room, don't ride the platform down. Instead, jump off the edge to the left of the platform and enter the blue switch alcove. There are several strats to open the door without holding down the switch. The simplest is to target the center of the locked door, draw your sword, turn around to the switch and roll-bonk into it. From this position, jumpslash onto the switch. The unlock cutscene should leave you facing the door straight on. Press forward and roll on the same frame. On the frame where Link just begins to stand up from his roll (pause buffer this if you need to) press A and you should go through the door just before it locks.

In the final room before the boss, stand at the corner edge of the platform just to the left of where the floor slopes down to the right. Hold out your boomerang and aim so that the middle of Link's head lines up approximately with the left edge of the vines across the room (this is not super precise). Aim as far up as you can aim and release the boomerang. Immediately after the release, sidehop left twice and then hold downleft. If done correctly, the boomerang should hit the ceiling switch and after the cutscene, the downleft input should make you jump and grab the ledge to the exit door. Enter the boss chamber.

Fight Barinade as described on the linked page. Collect the heart container. Wait until Ruto fully rises from the ground in the blue warp, then enter it as straight as possible with low speed to avoid spending several seconds slowly turning to face Ruto.

Pre-Adult 1 Edit

After the cutscene, swim down/downleft under the wooden arch and exit the deep water. Return to Zora's Domain. Head to the top of the waterfall and jump off. Use the Lake Hylia warp. Swim downright and get to land. Backwalk towards the right side of the Lakeside Lab house to get to the bridge. Backwalk across the bridge and talk to the owl to get him to take you to the castle. After the cutscene, pick up the ocarina of time and learn the song of time. After that cutscene, backwalk to enter the Market. Go to the temple of time and backwalk to the red carpet. Equip bombs and ocarina over your sticks and nuts. Play song of time at the altar, and when the door is open, go pick up the Master Sword.

Adult 1 Edit

In this section, we acquire the fire, forest, and water medallions.

Exit Temple of Time by backwalking and backflipping over the altar. Exit Castle Town with rolls, then go left and backwalk across the bridge to Kakariko Village.

Kakariko Village Edit

Backwalk to the Graveyard, then enter the hookshot grave. There are bombs on the left and deku nuts on the right if you need either. For the Dampé race, just do normal walking and rolling throughout it. At the end of the race, after getting hookshot, sidehop into the next room and immediately back into the hookshot room, which will void Link out. Exit the grave, exit the graveyard.

Pause: {*Hookshot, Bombs, Ocarina}

Hookshot onto the red house in the middle, then go to Death Mountain Trail.

Death Mountain Edit

Backwalk up to the main Goron City entrance. A good strat to bomb the goron is to roll forwards, sidehop left five times, jump off and curve left, press shield when you land to cancel the forwards roll, and walk forwards and pull bomb and run into the goron. Video:

Easy Fire Tunic for Glitchless

Easy Fire Tunic for Glitchless

Go through the now opened door to Darunia's Room and pull the statue. If you have 3 hearts or more, you may be able to survive without equipping goron tunic. Hit the far left pot for a heart, then hookshot across to the bridge and learn the Bolero of Fire. After the cutscene, jump into the void to respawn at the last entrance.

Run right across the bridge and jump across the gap (roll against the side of the boulder, you may also want to jumpslash to make sure you get it), then hookshot up the ladder and exit DMC. Bomb the fairy fountain entrance and backwalk into it, then get magic.

Backflip and backwalk down the trail and go back into the entrance to Goron City. Trail. Jump down two levels and enter the Lost Woods.

Go left, then dive into the warp. Play Zelda's Lullaby for the waterfall, then go through Zora's Domain to get to Zora's Fountain. Backwalk to the Farore's Wind fairy fountain.

After this, swim to the ice platform behind and to the right of the very big one, and climb up on it. Jump over the ice platforms to Ice Cavern.

Pause: {Hookshot, *Bottle, Ocarina}

Ice Cavern Edit

In the first room, position yourself in the middle of the three middle freezards and do an orange spin attack to kill them. Then jumpslash and stab the one forwards and to the left.

In the next room, go left for the first silver rupee behind the ice spikes. Get the next two rupees left of the spinner. (If you roll through the spinner, you shouldn't take damage, because rolling gives Link invincibility). Climb the staircase, jump left and get the rupee in the air, and go left when you land to get the last rupee. Climb the staircase again and enter the newly opened passageway.

Dodge the freezard in the corridor. In the next room, hookshot the freezard on the higher path to the right to skip a bit of climbing. Optionally grab some hearts here if you need them. Jump across the platforms to the blue fire. Navi will talk to you in front of it, then grab some fire in your bottle. Leave the room and return to the giant spinny blade room.

The next room can be done without pushing the block at all with some creative jumps. This video shows those jumps and backups for failing them: <insert video>

Final Silver Rupee Room Edit

Melt the red ice and go through the corridor.

Strats and backups video: <insert video>

First Two Rupees, easy: Push the iceblock forwards, climb it, and get the first rupee. Push the block to the right, climb it, then jump off and to the ledge.

First Two Rupees, hard: Climb the first block, jump forwards and grab the ledge and first rupee, then immediately let go. Sidehop right twice, sideroll, sidehop right twice, backwalk and hold up (timing for when to hold up takes practice).

Red Ice Rupee Clip: Walk to the right of the red ice, turn right. Position Link so he covers the camera's view of the rupee, then jumpslash. This is not precise at all.

Jump out of the hole in the wall and backflip onto the mini platform for the third rupee.

Fourth rupee jump: Target the side of that platform facing the exit, turn left, target. Walk forwards so Link's feet line up with the horizantal line on the ground, or are behind it. Sidehop left four times in quick succession. During the last sidehop, untarget and hold up-right, then hold up after Link jumps.

Fourth rupee backup/alternative: <insert video>

Target the wall where the video shows, do two backflips and a sidehop left in quick succession, then hold up-right and switch to up when Link jumps.

Jump from this pillar to the blue fire, then roll to the short spike next to the fifth silver rupee. Climb this short spike, then jump to the fifth rupee.

Fall off the platform and target the wall to the right of it. Turn right, target, sidehop right twice and sideroll, then get in the corner in front of you. Backflip, wait for Link to stop sliding, sidehop right. In midair, let go of target and hold up, and keep holding up until Link hopefully grabs the higher platform.

Dodge the freezards and melt the red ice. Both of these pots contain hearts if you need them.

Hookshot the wolfos and slash its back once. Alternatively, wait for it to attack, dodge the attack, and slash its back. Grab the iron boots, learn Serenade, and play Bolero to escape.

Enter Fire Temple.

Fire Temple Edit

Enter the higher left door and talk to Darunia. Jump across the platforms to the left, press the switch, and open the key chest (you don't need to talk to the goron). If you need bombs or health or want a fairy, cross the room to the pots on the other side, where there are 10 bombs and two fairies. Exit this room, backwalk across the room, then go to the door to the left, and get the key.

Pause: {Hookshot, *Farore's Wind, *Bombs}

Cross the lava room to the right side door, bomb the wall, get the key, exit the room. Go right to the key door, hookshot up the grate, push the block, and jump onto it.

Ocarina of Time- Fire Temple Block Jump (Glitchless)

Ocarina of Time- Fire Temple Block Jump (Glitchless)

In the Green Room, skip the block puzzle. Here is one setup:

Climb up the ladder, exit through the door. Go clockwise through the next room and grab the two keys, and after the second key go counterclockwise to the door.

In the next room, roll forwards and jump, and curve your jump so you land on ground. Go through the firewall room. Put a bomb on the cracked floor, and before it explodes, use Farore's Wind so you fall down while it is being set. Get this key, return Farore's Wind, go back into the flamewall room, and take the higher up door on the right.

In the Firewall Maze room, skip a key by rolling through the firewalls as shown in this video:

Ocarina of Time- Fire Temple Key Skip (Glitchless)

Ocarina of Time- Fire Temple Key Skip (Glitchless)

Hit the switch, go through the flamewalls. On each side of the door is a bomb and a heart. Get at least one of them, or both if you need more health or want to play it safe. Bomb the mimic door.

Kill Flare Dancer by hookshotting it and stabbing it with jumpslash PCS, and repeating that three times.

In the next green room, put a bomb next to the switch and begin climbing the ladder, and finish climbing it during the cutscene of the switch activating.

In the next room, climb the higher platform on the left and sidehop onto the switch, which should make your camera face exactly towards the walkway. Run up to the hammer (take your time, line up the camera so it faces forwards towards the next path segment at each corner if you need to by targeting).

Pause: {*Hammer, Farore's Wind, Bombs}

After getting hammer, jump down to the song of time block and hammer jumpslash it as shown in this video: <insert video>

Get the key, and either savewarp or deathwarp with a bomb. Deathwarping is faster if you have 1/2 heart or less.

Hammer the blocks in front of the front-right door, and enter it. Kill the enemies with quickspins and jumpslashes, and fill up on magic. Greenroom, then flare dancer.

For this Flare Dancer, hammer the center platform next to the flare dancer, which will make the ball drop to the ground (so you don't have to equip hookshot).

Enter the next room, hammer the rusty switch, grab the boss key, exit the door, go back to Darunia's Room, and do this jump to get to the boss door without having to hammer down the platform: <insert video>

For this jump, you want an angle that's straight right that you get by targeting the back wall and turning right. Make sure that you're all the way back as well. Target so you're looking at the boss door platform, and hold up and press A at the same time. This jump is really easy but, at the same time, somewhat precise.

Volvagia Edit

The fastest Volvagia strategy defeats it before any fly cycles. This strategy abuses the fact that Volvagia has two hitboxes: one for the flying Volvagia and one for the Volvagia that pops out of the holes. During the cutscene at the beginning of the fight, Volvagia flies into the front center hole, and its hitbox is damageable even after it goes underground. There is a small area on the bottom-left corner of that hole where, if you place a bomb, its explosion will reach and damage the underground Volvagia hitbox. <finish explanation later>

Pause: {*Hookshot, *Farore's Wind, *Ocarina} if you move Mido normally or are doing the easy Forest route. Otherwise do {*Hookshot, Farore's Wind, *Deku Nuts}

Go left, hookshot across the broken bridge, and enter Goron City. Hookshot up to the 2nd level and enter Lost Woods.

Go left once, and backflip over Mido like this: <insert video>

Go straight, left, right. Skip the Maze like this: <insert video>

Jump across the top of the maze, run past the club moblin, and learn the Minuet of Forest. Then enter Forest Temple.

Forest Temple Edit

Go right, hookshot and climb up the vines, then jump across the trees or hookshot to the chest, and get a key. Enter the next room, hookshot the skulltula, enter the next room, and watch the poe cutscene.

From here the route splits. The harder but faster of the two routes uses a somewhat precise jumpslash trick to get to the Floormaster Key early and has a strict magic usage route up to the middle of Water Temple. The easier but slower route doesn't do this and is more lenient on magic.

First Half: Easy Route Edit

Your equips should be {Hookshot, Farore's Wind, Ocarina}. The easier route starts by going to the opposite side of the room, through the corridor, and fighting two Stalfos. Kill them with jumpslash-damage crouch stabs when they attack or after they jumpslash. There is a fairy in the pot if you need it. After killing the stalfos, get their key. Return to the main room.

Set Farore's Wind. Clear the Song of Time block diagonally to the right in the main room, and go through the door. Go to the right, kill some of the skullwalltulas, and hookshot up and climb up the vines. Kill the bubbles in this room with a deku nut and stabs. Skip the chest (it has the map), hookshot to the vines across the gap in the next room, and hit the red switch. Fall down the well that is now open, backwalk to the other side, and get the key in the chest. Return Farore's Wind.

Enter the door to the right. Go through the corridor, then climb the two ladders in the block puzzle room. Clear the navitext in front of the green block, then pull the block ten pulls, then push it right twelve times (or until you hear it click into place). Go back to where the block started, and climb the ladder. Go forwards, then right, then push the red block twelve times until it clicks. Turn around, go forwards then right, and target the wall and sidehop left. Go all the way left, then push the green block until it falls. Climb up, then push the red block until it falls. Climb it, go right, climb the ladder, then go through the door with the closed eyeswitch over.

Walk forwards into the navi text. Note that you can go around it, but it's not worth it to do so because you pass this area three times in the route. You can dodge a second text trigger by staying to the right as you exit the twisted hallway. Jump onto the center platform and sidehop right to the door. In the next room, turn down-left, target, sidehop right twice, and backflip to skip climbing down the stairs.

In this room, kill the one stalfos. Before the cutscene of the platform lowering, use Farore's Wind so the two overlap. Then kill the two other stalfos and get the bow.

Pause: {*Bow, Farore's Wind, *Deku Nut}

Exit this room through the door with the red carpet (it also has the Farore's Wind point over it). Walk up the stairs to the halfway landing area. The ghosts try to get to the painting that's farthest away from you, so turn around and shoot whichever painting the red ghost is in (To be honest, I don't remember their names). Shoot the other painting that the ghost has moved to, then turn around and shoot the last painting. Use jumpslash-damage crouchstabs to kill the ghost, and use a deku nut on it if it goes invisible. Get its key.

Climb all the way up the stairs, cross the platforms again, go through the twisted hallway, and shoot the eyeswitch above the door on the other side. Go back through the now straight hallway and grab the boss key. Fall down the hole, use a deku nut on the bubbles, and kill them. Exit the door, go across the platform past the deku baba, and turn right into the door. Kill the one floormaster, and then quickspin the three mini floormasters. Each of them will drop magic, so refill all your magic here. Get the key, then return Farore's Wind. Here the route converges with the hard route.

First Half: Hard Route Edit

Your equips should be {Hookshot, Farore's Wind, Deku Nut}. Go left to the block puzzle room. Go through the corridor, then climb the two ladders in the block puzzle room. Clear the navitext in front of the green block, then pull the block ten pulls, then push it right twelve times (or until you hear it click into place). Go back to where the block started, and climb the ladder. Go forwards, then right, then push the red block twelve times until it clicks. Turn around, go forwards then right, and target the wall and sidehop left. Go all the way left, then push the green block until it falls. Climb up, then push the red block until it falls.

Go through the corridor on the left. Turn right and jump to the platform. Do this trick to access the Floormaster Key early: <insert video>

For this trick, target the right wall and move into the corner, then turn around and target. Hold slightly down and press A so you roll down and to the left. Untarget during the roll, and retarget after it. Sidehop right once. Now press up + A to instantly roll forwards, and keep holding up. Watch where Link's head is in relation to the opening we are aiming for. When his head meets the top of the opening, press B to jumpslash, and you should land in the corridor. Make sure to set Farore's Wind at some point in the block puzzle room.

Go through the door, go left, kill the floormaster, and quickspin the mini floormasters. They all drop magic, so make sure to refill magic here. Up until halfway through Water Temple, you have zero magic to spare, so don't use any except with Farore's Wind where stated. Exit the floormaster room and jump left to the vines. Climb them and enter the next room. Kill the bubbles, hookshot across the gap, and hit the red switch. Fall down the well and backwalk across to the other side, and get the key. Return Farore's Wind.

Climb back up the block puzzle, climb the red block at the end, go right, and go through the door with the eyeswitch over it. Walk forwards into the navi text. Note that you can go around it, but it's not worth it to do so because you pass this area three times in the route. You can dodge a second text trigger by staying to the right as you exit the twisted hallway. Jump onto the center platform and sidehop right to the door. In the next room, turn down-left, target, sidehop right twice, and backflip to skip climbing down the stairs.

In the next room, jump down and kill the two stalfos. There's a fairy in a pot if you need it. During the chest spawn animation, use Farore's Wind to overlap the cutscenes. Get the key and return Farore's Wind. Kill the one stalfos. Before the cutscene of the platform lowering, use Farore's Wind so the two cutscenes overlap. Then kill the two other stalfos and get the bow.

Pause: {*Bow, Farore's Wind, Deku Nut}

Exit this room through the door with the red carpet (it also has the Farore's Wind point over it). Walk up the stairs to the halfway landing area. The ghosts try to get to the painting that's farthest away from you, so turn around and shoot whichever painting the red ghost is in (To be honest, I don't remember their names). Shoot the other painting that the ghost has moved to, then turn around and shoot the last painting. Use jumpslash-damage crouchstabs to kill the ghost, and use a deku nut on it if it goes invisible. Get its key.

Climb all the way up the stairs, cross the platforms again, go through the twisted hallway, and shoot the eyeswitch above the door on the other side. Go back through the now straight hallway and grab the boss key. Return Farore's Wind.

Second Half Edit

Go to the door on the other side (with a blue carpet this time). Do the same thing as before to kill this poe, but don't get the chest as it just has the compass. Go upstairs, and jump up-right to the other platform to avoid the navitext. In the next room, jump to the center torch and across to the platform on the other side, pull bow, look right, and shoot the eye through the torch. You can go for a risky "snipe" strategy by quickly jumping to the platform on the left and quickly shooting, but this is hard to get. However, if you miss the snipe, you can still get a normal cycle shot too, so you don't waste time. After hitting the switch, jump back to the door and go through the now twisted hallway.

Jump down the hole in the floor and get interrupted by navi. Wait for the platform to go down and back up, then go to the switch. Wait for another crush cycle, then go to the door. <possibly include faster chest-backflip strat>.

<insert green poe block strat>

Go through the corridor and back to the main room, and fight the purple poe. In case you don't know, the real poe is the one that spins after all four spawn. Enter the basement.

Push the right side of a wall, hit the switch. Push the right side again, hit the switch. Push the left side twice, hit the switch, then enter the boss door.

Phantom Ganon Edit


Optionally grab the heart container, and enter the blue warp.

After the cutscene, Pause: {*Hookshot, *Ocarina, *Bombs | Iron Boots}

Play Serenade. Sidehop into the water and hookshot the switch.

Pause: {Kokiri Boots} Enter the temple.

Water Temple Edit

Swimming with Iron Boots: Hold Z and a direction in water to swim with Kokiri boots, then equip Iron boots and continue holding Z and a direction. This trick ends when you let go of Z or a direction.

Swim up, climb the ledge, backwalk off, and swim with iron boots going down-left. Enter the 1st floor pathway to the left. unequip iron boots, and meet Ruto. Swim up, grab the very right side of the front ledge, sidehop right, and play Zelda's Lullaby.

From here, you want to do a trick that gets you to the second-floor key behind a bombable wall called an untargeted sidehop, where you sidehop without targeting and target a wall during the sidehop to redirect your momentum. Here is a video of it: <insert video>

For setup 1, backwalk until you hit a wall, then sidehop right, sideroll, backflip. Hold Z, then pause buffer A + Left without Z. As soon as Link brushes up against the wall, press Z to target it and redirect your momentum forwards.

For setup 2, do a horizantal slash + shield, pull ocarina and put it away (re-enables pausing), then hold Z and buffer A + the direction towards the hole. It may not always be left because you may have paused during the camera turn after targeting from the ocarina camera. Make sure you keep this in mind. Target the wall as Link brushes against it, but this time he'll be going completely parallel to it instead of pushing against it at a 45 degree angle. The targeting will still work, though.

The pause used for the buffer: Pause: {*Bow, *Farore's Wind, Bomb}

Pull a bomb during the fall, put it down in front of the wall, and use Farore's Wind before it explodes to overlap the two events. Get the key, then fall down and light the torches. In the next room, shoot the first clam and spin attack the other two. Get the key, then return Farore's Wind.

Pause: {*Hookshot, Farore's Wind, *Ocarina}

The next trick gets you to the 3rd water level switch quickly. Here is a video: <insert video>

Easy setup: Jump to the right side of the 2nd floor. Turn right, and backwalk off the ledge in the center. Pull yourself up, and press and hold Z as you are pulling up to turn around automatically. Press and hold the hookshot button (Make sure you are HOLDING the hookshot button in until you shoot) and aim as high up as possible. From here, aim right until the red dot is visible (You need to aim at the leftmost pixel where the dot is visible) and release the hookshot button. If you get a connection, hold up and mash B to make sure you jumpslash onto the 3rd floor platform.

Fast setup: After using Farore's Wind, hold up. While surfacing, hold Z + up-left until Link climbs. Turn left, target, ESS once right. Do six sidehops right (quickdraw hookshot during the long fall on the 5th). While in midair on the sixth sidehop, release Z and then press and hold hookshot to extend your hookshot into the wall. Hold down until the hookshot is all the way up and then shoot, and it should connect 100% of the time, then jumpslash at the top. If this trick is inconsistent or you have trouble with it, it could be that you have very bad diagonals. If so, hold up while swimming, turn left, dryroll, then ESS right once.

After you're on the 3rd floor, kill the tektite as it's probably going to annoy you. Go to the corner, aim at the 3rd water level changer area, hold Z + R, jump towards it, and mash B in midair until you jumpslash onto the platform. Play Zelda's Lullaby to the water raiser, then jump back to the 3rd floor platform and to the door on the left.

In this room, jump down to the bottom center platform, and start hookshotting up the platforms. If you're fast, you can skip the last platform and hookshot to the top instead. Make sure to set Farore's Wind at the top before entering the next room.

In the next room, hookshot the switch then across to the dragon. Move all the way forwards to the wall, then aim the hookshot at the very right side of the dragon's hookshot target and shoot. Jumpslash onto the platform, and that skips a lowering-raising cycle. Hookshot over to the final dragon, lower the water, stand under the dragon's lowering head so you get clipped onto the top of it, then raise the water level. Hookshot to the likelike, get magic from one of the pots, and enter the Dark Link fight

Dark Link is not a hard boss when you know the strats for it. Here is a video detailing these strats: <insert video>.

//i don't really know how to describe it effectively without using the video

Enter the next room and get the longshot. Play Song of Time to remove the block. Fall down the hole and roll down on the platform, and jump off into the water as close to the wall as possible to skip a navi text trigger. Swim left of the first whirlpool, right of the second, and left of the third and climb up the platform.

Pause: {Longshot, Farore's Wind, *Bow}

Shoot the eyeswitch, then jump and jumpslash across the gap, or jump across and grab the ledge. Open the key chest. Go to the right and against the back wall, then shoot the crystal switch in the dragon's mouth. After the cutscene, turn right and sidehop left, and keep swimming left to skip an iron boots equip. Get the key, return Farore's Wind.

Set Farore's Wind again, sidehop left, swim with iron boots down to the first floor entrance to the left. Swim to the center of the room, then stop and longshot up to the platform and then longshot over the spikes. Unequip iron boots before entering the door.

In this next room, you want to jump to the hole in the left wall. Immediately do two sidehops left, sideroll, sidehop right twice, left once, sideroll, and sidehop right twice. Then hold up and roll, but make sure not to hit the boulder, which can happen if you're too fast. Then climb on the platform to the right and then jump into the water and swim right into the tunnel to skip an iron boots equip or a dive. If you have trouble with this, a dive is your next best bet. Get the boss key, return Farore's Wind.

Jump across the gap forwards, go left, longshot across the gap to the boss door. There are fairies in the pots if you need one. There are multiple strategies for the final slope climb.

The easiest of these is to sidehop left and hold up immediately after. This is pretty slow, but it works and isn't hard. A pretty tricky strat is: Sidehop right, then hold down in midair and press target after turning around to star backwalking. This is fairly precise because a spiketrap will hit you if you are too slow. Open the boss door.

Morpha Edit

Morpha is not hard at all. Longshot it repeatedly and pull it over to a corner, then get around it so it's between you and the corner. You've trapped it, so jumpslash and stab it until it dies. Get the heart if you need one, then enter the warp.

Don't get fire arrows. We don't need them. Instead, backwalk on the bridges and out to Hyrule Field. Longshot to the ladder, then backwalk to Gerudo Valley. Shoot the longshot at one of the wooden pillars on the other side, then backwalk to Gerudo Fortress. It should still be daytime.

Gerudo Fortress Edit

Killing Gerudo Guards: Edit

Get behind a torch and shoot the hookshot above the torch. The Gerudo Guard tries to dodge it and jumps right into the torch, trapping her. Turn down, and stab the corner until she's dead. If you time your stabs correctly, you can hit her every stab instead of her doing a sort of spinning move that makes her dodge them sometimes.

Fast Route: Edit


You must watch the cutscene that does a short pan around Gerudo Fortress for the timing for the first trick to work, because we need to avoid one guard's line of sight. Immediately after the cutscene, turn around and backwalk. Watch the A button, and wait for the bottom swoosh of the ジ in ジャンプ to line up with the rope in the background as it travels down the screen as you backwalk. When that happens, start sidehopping left really quickly.

Then enter the first room, which should be in front of you. Kill the guard in here, then talk to the carpenter. Exit left.

Pull hookshot and shoot it at the vines, then go into the forwards entrance. Guard, carpenter. Exit left (the same way the carpenter goes)

Outside, do a jump off the ledge to the right that is aimed towards the higher platform, and jump up to that higher platform. Retarget with the angle from climbing up, turn left, go against the wall to your right, run forwards, and do a forwards roll across the gap. Go left and jump down two levels, and enter the entrance.

Roll forwards and to the left, target the wall, turn around, and shoot the guard. (it's daytime and the guards have daytime vision even inside, so be careful). Run to the dead end, guard, carpenter, exit.

Roll down to ground level by the boxes, then enter the right entrance. Guard, carpenter, exit left.

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