Getting to Bombs: Edit

Hookshot Jump: Edit

The fastest method to get bombs uses a hookshot jump by death and a fairy, and is used in most speedruns that obtain bombs and use glitches.

Getting Past the Dodongo Head: Edit

Lighting the eyes from below: Edit

With bombchus,

Clipping into it: Edit

From Above, with a Megaflip: Edit

From above the Dodongo's head, it's possible to megaflip and clip into it.

There is a setup that also leads into a superslide to the boss room loading zone, skipping the jump to enter the door and glitching the switch.

From Above, with no explosives: Edit

By grabbing a certain ledge on the Dodongo's bottom lip, it's possible to clip into the head without explosives, or without any items at all with some setups. There are setups for a sidehop from the top ledge to sidehop to this ledge:

From Below, with a hover: Edit

With a bombchu or bomb hover, it's possible to clip into the Dodongo head wiithout being on the top bridge.

Entering the door from within the closed head: Edit

With a sideroll jump into a jumpslash, it's possible to enter the final area of Dodongo's Cavern without the head open. It is precise, but usually required after a head clip.

Skipping the final block puzzle: Edit

With Ocarina Items: Edit

Preforming Ocarina Items and landing on the switch will glitch the switch and make it pressed down longer than usual.

With C-Up: Edit

Reading Navi's text about a keese in the room on the frame before the switch is pressed will glitch the switch and make it pressed down longer than usual.